"Great beats, greats melodies, great voice, and a great entertainer! I would love to see this guy in concert! This guy has it all. And I just want to say, I LOVE this album art! It's crazy. Ryan Pugal is profressional on a whole new level. Whether I am listening to one of his slower songs or one of his faster pop songs I find myself bobbing my head and tapping my foot to this amazing music. Ryan Pugal is the full package!"

- RAI Founder, RAI Review

“Ryan Pugal Hawaii Pop Phenom - A Pinoy Making his Dreams a Reality Hawaii native indie pop singer, songwriter, emcee, recording artist and entrepreneur Ryan Villanueva Pugal has the NO.1 selling album on the Amazon Best Selling Contemporary R&B Music Sales Charts,with his latest sophomore release titled Jukebox45”  - xkgmedia, XKGMEDIA


  1.  This Is me ( Intro )
  2. Tell Me
  3. Cloud Nine
  4.  She Aint Good for You
  5. Boogie Nights
  6. F*** Song
  7. Miss You So much, Dont Know Why
  8. Was It Something I Said



  1. Introduction

  2. Carnival
  3. Spotlight
  4. If You were Mine
  5. Fun House
  6. Playing With Fire



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